EHallPass Makes Smart Schools Digital



Electronic HallPass is good for schools and the people in them. It makes it easy to see where students go in the school. This makes them more responsible and safe.

The app lets students use QR codes to go in and out of places. It stops germs from spreading. The app lets users change the settings for needs.

EHallPass has a simple system for asking and giving passes. This helps teachers to teach without being disturbed. It also helps students to use their time well.

The app also shows the past passes and who approved them. This makes everything clear and honest. It can help to solve problems and stop bad behavior. The app also tells when and where to clean and sanitize the school. This keeps the school healthy and clean.

EHallPass makes schools work better, safer, and more honestly. It makes the school better for everyone.


Benefits Offered By EhallPass

Helps People Stay Away From Each Other During The Sickness: 

Ehallpass helps schools and educational institutions run their work during the COVID-19 sickness by helping people stay away from each other. With no-touch check-in/check-out using QR codes and the ability to manage hall passes online, students and staff can move around the school more safely and quickly.

Makes Sure Everyone Is Safe at Work: 

Ehallpass makes sure everyone is safe at work by providing a central place for managing passes and seeing where student and staff are. This can help schools know who is at school at any time, making them more safe and responsible.

Gives Appointment Cards To Control Student/staff Movements: 

Ehallpass gives appointment cards that can be used to control student and staff movements around the school. This feature can help schools and institutions keep order and control, stopping too many people from being in one place and helping people stay away from each other.

Stops Vaping and Vandalism by Seeing Where Students are:

Ehallpass can stop vaping and vandalism by seeing where students are around the school. With live updates and data, schools can see how students act, letting them do something to stop these problems.

Gives a Digital Way To Manage Hall Passes and Get Rid Of Paper Passes:

Ehallpass gives a digital way to manage hall passes, getting rid of paper passes. This can help save paper and make things faster, making it easier for teachers and staff to manage student movements around the school. Also, the digital place is more safe than paper passes, stopping cheating and misuse.

Makes The Hall Pass Process Easier and Stops Teachers From Being Disturbed:

Ehallpass makes the hall pass process easier by letting teachers approve and manage them from their phones. This gets rid of paper passes, stopping teachers from being disturbed and helping them use their time well.

Gives No-Touch Check-in/Check-Out For a No-Touch Experience:

Ehallpass gives no-touch check-in/check-out using QR codes, stopping the need for touching and giving a no-touch experience. This is very important during the sickness when people need to stay away from each other.

Gives Live Updates On Pass Requests and Schedules:

Ehallpass gives live updates on pass requests and schedules. This helps teachers know where students are and what they are doing. This makes teachers ready for any changes and helps them use their time well.

Let’s Users Change Pass Settings For Their Needs:

Ehallpass lets users change pass settings for their needs. This includes settings for messages, pass choices, and more.

Makes school safe and Honest by Seeing Pass Use:

Ehallpass makes school safe and honest by seeing pass use. This helps administrators see how students act and find any safety problems.

Gives Data and Reports To See Pass Use and Trends:

Ehallpass gives data and reports to see pass use and trends. This helps administrator’s use data to make school safer and better.

Helps Control How Many People Can Go To Some Places and Use Some Things: 

Ehallpass helps control how many people can go to some places and use some things by seeing where students are and making sure only some people can go there.

Gives Cleaning and Sanitizing Features: 

Ehallpass gives cleaning and sanitizing features. This helps administrators make cleaning plans and make sure busy places are clean and healthy.

Let’s Users Choose Who Can Use The System and How: 

Ehallpass lets users choose who can use the system and how. This helps administrators decide who can use the system and what they can do with it.