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EhallPass Free Pilot

Details about EhallPass Free Pilot

EHallpass is a software that helps schools with hall passes. It makes sure the students and staff are safe and responsible. Schools try the software for free and see if they like it.


Pricing Information Of E Hall Pass

Ehallpass has different prices for different schools. The prices are made to fit the needs and budgets of each school. Here are the prices that Ehallpass has:

  • Basic Plan: The basic plan is good for small schools that do not need much. The plan has simple features like making your own hall pass templates, getting updates, and using reporting tools. The basic plan costs a low monthly fee.
  • Premium Plan: The premium plan has everything in the basic plan and more. It has extra features like setting roles and permissions, managing cleaning and sanitizing, and tracking inventory. The premium plan is good for medium-sized schools and costs a higher monthly fee.
  • Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan is for big schools that need a lot. The plan has everything in the premium plan and more. It has advanced features like connecting with other school systems, analyzing data, and making custom reports. The enterprise plan costs a higher monthly fee.

Schools pick the price to works for them based on number of students they have. Schools ask for special plan if they need something different for the normal plans.

Besides the monthly fees, schools might have to pay more for changing or connecting the software. Schools can talk to Ehallpass sales to ask about prices and any extra costs.

Ehallpass has good prices that help schools save money. It helps schools with hall passes and makes schools safer and more responsible.

Eligibility Criteria For Schools To Use The Free Pilot:

To get the free trial, schools need at least 100 students or staff who will use the software. Also, the school must be in the US or Canada.


Can Schools Use Ehallpass for Free?

Schools can use Ehallpass for free for a short time with the free pilot program. This program lets schools see how the system works and check its features before they decide to pay for it.

How Much Time Do Schools Have for the Free Pilot?

The free pilot lasts for 30 days. In this time, schools can try the system and see if it suits their needs.

What Does the Free Pilot Include?

The free pilot has all the features that Ehallpass offers, such as live updates on passes and schedules, no-touch check-in/check-out, data analysis and reports, and pass settings that can be changed.

Are There Any Limits to the Free Pilot?

Schools that use the free pilot can use all the features, but they may have fewer users than paid plans. Also, they may get less customer support than paid plans.

How Can Schools Join the Free Pilot of Ehallpass? 

Schools can join the free pilot by going to the Ehallpass website and filling a form with their school details. Then, someone from Ehallpass will contact them and tell them what to do next.