EHallPass Makes Smart Schools Digital



E HallPass is a digital pass system that makes school procedures easier and students safer. It is cloud based system and works on web browser or mobile app.

The system replaces paper passes. Making it easy for teachers to watch students in real time. The platform has many features that help to stop student misbehavior and make students responsible, such as real-time pass updates, digital restroom passes, appointment scheduling, and contactless check-in and check-out with QR codes.

EHallPass also works well with Clever for safe login and authentication. The system has push notifications for important updates and reminders, and lets you see pass history and analytics.

You can change settings for notifications and pass preferences. EHallPass works on many platforms, such as desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile devices, making it easy for everyone in the school to use. EHallPass is a complete solution for schools to manage their passes and keep students safe.


All the Features of Ehall Pass:

Data Security:
  • Makes sure that user data is safe and hidden on the cloud-based server.
  • Keeps user information away from cyber attacks, leaks, and unwanted access.
Auto Check-In PIN:
  • Lets users choose a PIN that makes them check in automatically when they go to a certain place.
  • Saves time and makes the check in process easier for users.
Inventory Limits:
  • Lets administrators set inventory limits for certain places.
  • Helps avoid overbooking and too many people, making sure of safety and following the rules.
Contact Tracing:
  • Helps find and know the possible exposure to diseases that can spread by keeping track of user location history.
  • Helps stop the spread of diseases that can infect others and keeps users safe.
Pass Request and Approval System:
  • Lets users ask for permission to leave or go to a certain place.
  • Gives a good system for teachers and administrators to say yes or no to pass requests.
Customizable Pass Settings:
  • Lets administrators change settings such as pass types, places, and time limits.
  • Gives a flexible and suitable system to meet the different needs of each school.
Integration with Clever:
  • Gives smooth login and verification for users.
  • Lets schools easily connect Ehallpass with Clever’s education software platform.
Pass Analytics and Reporting:
  • Gives information and data on pass usage, including who, where, and when passes are used. 
  • Helps administrators make decisions based on data and improve effectiveness.
Contactless Check-In/Check-Out with QR Codes:
  • Lets users check in or check out of a place by scanning a QR code, without touching anything.
  • Helps stop the spread of diseases that can infect others and keeps users safe.
Push Notifications:
  • Sends updates, reminders, and notifications to users in real time.
  • Helps users stay aware and current with the latest information.
Pass History and Audit Trail:
  • Gives a detailed history and audit trail of pass usage.
  • Helps administrators keep track of user activity and make sure they follow school policies.
Cleaning and Sanitization Management:
  • Lets administrators manage and keep track of cleaning and sanitization schedules.
  • Helps make sure a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.
Customizable User Roles and Permissions:
  • Lets administrators give different roles and permissions to different users.
  • Helps make sure access to the right information for the right people.
Volume Tracking:
  • Lets administrators track the number of people in a certain place. 
  • Helps avoid too many people and make sure they follow safety rules.
Appointments and Restricted Passes:
  • Lets users make appointments and ask for restricted passes for specific reasons.
  • Gives a flexible and effective system for managing user access.
Digital Restroom Passes:
  • Lets users ask for and get digital restroom passes.
  • Helps reduce interruptions and improve classroom management.