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FlexTime Manager is a web-based software that helps K-12 schools to easily plan and track flexible learning time, also known as Flex Time. This software lets schools give students specific academic help, fun activities, and customized learning. FlexTime Manager is made by Eduspire Solutions, a company that makes software for K-12 education.

Schools can use FlexTime Manager to make a flexible schedule that has different activities, such as small group teaching by teachers, self-study, academic help, and fun opportunities. The software also lets schools check who is present and how students are doing in Flex Time activities.

FlexTime Manager has a simple and easy interface that anyone can use. It also works with other software that schools use, such as learning management systems, student information systems, and other applications. This makes it easy to share data and work better.

FlexTime Manager is a strong software that helps schools to use their Flex Time program well, and make students do better in school.

Difference between FlexTime Manager and EhallPass

Here are some ways that FlexTime Manager and EHallPass are different and the same:


  • FlexTime Manager helps schools plan and track student activities, while EhallPass helps schools manage student passes and see where they go in the school.
  • FlexTime Manager works on activities during special flex periods, while EhallPass works on passes during the whole school day.
  • FlexTime Manager lets schools change activities and schedules, while EhallPass lets schools change pass settings and features.
  • FlexTime Manager has features like signing up for activities and getting teacher approval, while EhallPass has features like asking for passes and getting real-time updates.


  • Both FlexTime Manager and EhallPass are made for K-12 schools.
  • Both have features that schools can change to fit their needs.
  • Both want to make schools more organized and efficient.
  • Both can be used on web-based platforms for easy use.

FlexTime Manager and EhallPass have some things in common in how they help schools be more organized and efficient, but they have different focuses and features.

Features and Benefits of FlexTime Manager


FlexTime Manager is a strong tool that gives schools many features and benefits. Some of the main features and benefits of FlexTime Manager are:

Customizable Scheduling Options for Schools: FlexTime Manager lets schools make custom schedules for their students. Schools can make different schedules for different days, weeks, or months. This means that schools can change schedules and needs easily.

  • Easy Student Sign-up and Activity Selection: FlexTime Manager lets students sign up for activities in a few clicks. The platform is easy and simple to use, which helps students to find and sign up for activities they like.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: FlexTime Manager gives real-time monitoring and reporting tools that help schools to check attendance, student progress, and activity participation. This helps schools to find any issues or problems soon, so they can fix them fast.
  • Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Schedules and Needs: FlexTime Manager gives schools the flexibility to change schedules and needs. Schools can add or remove activities, change schedules, and change attendance requirements as they need.
  • Streamlined Communication between Students and Teachers: FlexTime Manager gives a platform for easy communication between students and teachers. Teachers can talk to students about future activities and give feedback on student progress. This helps to make students more interested and motivated.

FlexTime Manager gives schools a strong tool for managing their schedules and activities. The platform is easy to use and gives many features and benefits that help schools to make students more interested, present, and better.

Sign Up Process for FlexTime Manager

To sign up for FlexTime Manager, schools and districts can do these easy steps:

  1. Contact FlexTime Manager: Schools and districts can contact FlexTime Manager on their website or by calling them. Someone will talk to them to give more information and set up a demo.
  2. Schedule a Demo: Someone from FlexTime Manager will set up a demo to show the platform’s features and answer any questions the school or district has.
  3. Implementation: If the school or district wants to use FlexTime Manager, the implementation process will start. This includes setting up the platform, changing the scheduling options, and teaching staff how to use the system.
  4. Launch: When the platform is ready and staff are taught, FlexTime Manager can be started for students. The sign up process for students is easy. And they pick activities and schedules to work best for them.

Requirements for Implementing FlexTime Manager

To use FlexTime Manager, schools and districts will need these things:

  1. Technology: FlexTime Manager is a web-based platform, so schools will need internet and devices for staff and students to use the system.
  2. Data Integration: FlexTime Manager can work with student information systems and other data sources to make scheduling and tracking easier.
  3. Staff Training: Schools will need to teach staff how to use the platform, change scheduling options, and check student progress.

FlexTime Manager Login Options

FlexTime Manager is a flexible scheduling software that helps schools and districts make and manage flexible schedules for their students.

To use the platform, users can log in with different options, such as the FlexTime Manager website, Google account, and Clever. Here’s a short summary of each login option:

Login through the FlexTime Manager website

Login with the FlexTime Manager website Users can use the FlexTime Manager platform by going to the official website and typing their username and password. This login option gives a direct and simple way to use the platform.

Login using a Google account

Login with a Google account FlexTime Manager also has an easy option for users to log in with their Google account. This option lets users skip the need to make a new login for FlexTime Manager and use their Google account details to use the platform. This login option is good for schools and districts that use Google Suite for Education.

Login through Clever

Login with Clever Clever is a platform that helps K-12 schools log in to many education applications with one set of details.

FlexTime Manager works with Clever, which means users can log in to FlexTime Manager with their Clever account details. This login option makes the login process easier for users and removes the need to remember many usernames and passwords.

How To Schedule Activities in FlexTime Manager

Planning activities in FlexTime Manager is a key part of using the software well. Here is a guide on how to plan activities in FlexTime Manager:

  1. Log in to your FlexTime Manager account
  2. Click on the “Activities” tab on the menu
  3. Click on the “New Activity” button to make a new activity
  4. Write the activity details, like the name, description, and duration
  5. Pick the date and time for the activity
  6. Pick the students who can join the activity
  7. Click on the “Create” button to put the activity on the schedule

Options to change activities and schedules include the ability to make repeating activities, let students sign up for activities before, and limit how many students can join an activity.

Here are some tips for using FlexTime Manager well for planning activities:

  • Make different activities to attract different student interests and ways of learning
  • Use FlexTime Manager’s reporting features to see which activities are most liked by students
  • Let students suggest and make their own activities to make students more interested and in charge of the planning process
  • Check and change the schedule often to fit changing needs and schedules.

Uploading CSV Files to FlexTime Manager

Uploading CSV files to FlexTime Manager is a simple and good way to handle student and activity data. Here are some important things to think about when uploading CSV files:

How to upload CSV files for student and activity data: 

To upload CSV files to FlexTime Manager, go to the “Import” tab and pick the kind of data you want to upload. You can upload student or activity data by picking the right option. After you have picked the file, click “Upload” and the data will go into the system.

What CSV files need and how to format them: 

When uploading CSV files to FlexTime Manager, it’s important to make sure that the file has certain things and is formatted right.

The file must be in CSV format and should have the needed fields and data for each record. It’s important to make sure that the data is right and new to avoid any errors.

Tips for fixing common CSV file errors: 

If you have any errors while uploading CSV files to FlexTime Manager, there are some tips you can try. Make sure the file is in CSV format and it follows the formatting rules.