EHallPass Makes Smart Schools Digital

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The E Hall Pass internet system has changed the way ID cards are used. With this new way, school safety is better, and teaching is easier. Teachers can control and give awards and see data, all from one place, using eHallPass on their phones.

This online no-touch pass system has features to stop student bad behavior and damage. To use the system, you can go to or get the EHallPass App, which works on Android and iOS phones.


Ehall Pass Mobile Application

Ehall Pass Mobile Application EHallPass is new online platform and mobile app that helps schools control student and staff movements around the school in a better and more organized way. The EHallPass app for phones is part of the online platform that lets students and staff use their profiles, passes, and other features anywhere, from their phones. Here are some important things about the EHallPass mobile app.


  • The EHallPass mobile app works on iOS and Android phones.
  • Users can get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Getting rid of paper IDs makes it easier to see who is in the lobby.
  • Stopping teachers from being disturbed and teaching students how to use their time well. 
  • Each student makes their own app on their device. 
  • The eHallPass has online passes for restrooms, places with limits, and meetings (with email and text messages) that do not need teachers to do anything.
  • The pass control panel helps to see how long each person is in the room, making it safer and more honest.

More Features of the EhallPass Application

  1. See Live Pass Updates and Schedules:
  • Know what passes are accepted or not in real time.
  • See schedules for classes, breaks, and meetings.
  • Be told of any changes to the pass schedule.
  1. Ask For Passes and Get Answers From The Mobile App:
  • Ask for passes from your mobile app.
  • Get answers for passes in real time.
  • Stop using paper passes and teachers doing things.
  1. No-Touch Check-in And Check-Out With QR Codes: 
  • Scan QR codes for no-touch check-in and check-out.
  • Stop germs from spreading by not touching things others use.
  • A simple and easy way to see where students are.
  1. Use Clever To Log In and Use The App Easily:
  • Use Clever to log in to the EHall Pass app.
  • Makes logging in easy and safe.
  • Stop remembering more login things.
  1. Get Messages For Important things and Reminders:
  • Get messages for important things and reminders.
  • Be told of pass answers, meetings, and schedule changes.
  • Never forget an important thing or time again.
  1. See Past Passes and Data:
  • See past passes and data for each student.
  • Look at data to find bad behavior or skipping.
  • Use past data to make school safer and students more honest.
  1. Change Settings For Messages and Pass Choices:
  • Change message settings to get only the messages you want.
  • Pick your pass choices, like the kind of pass and why you leave the class.
  • Make the EHall Pass app fit your needs and wants.

The EHallPass mobile app is a good and easy way for students and staff to control their passes and movements at school, even when they are away from a computer. It helps users keep in touch and know what is going on, stopping the need for paper passes and old ways of tracking. With features like no-touch check-in and messages, the EHallPass mobile app makes the school safer and better.

The EHallPass mobile app is a useful tool for schools that want to make their pass management easier and improve the safety and security of their school.