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EHallPass is a system that uses digital hall passes and student tracking to help schools and districts make their students safe and responsible. It was made by Nathan Hammond, a 20-year teacher. EHallPass lets students ask to go out of the class and shows their movements to teachers and principals in real time.

Some of the schools and districts that have EHallPass are Parkway School District in Missouri, Oxford School District in Mississippi, Wilmington Public Schools in Massachusetts, Wilson County Schools in North Carolina, Weymouth Public Schools in Massachusetts, and Rush City Schools in Minnesota. They use EHallPass to monitor their students and give them digital hall passes.

They have all used EHallPass to make their students safe and responsible in different ways of learning. EHallPass helps them adapt to their specific learning settings and needs.

What is EHallPass Login, and What is its Purpose?

Technology has changed many things in life, and education is one of them. Ehall pass login is a system that uses electronic hall passes to make it easier for schools to give and track hall passes.

This has made a big difference in how schools manage the movement of students. Before, the old pass system had many security problems, which are now mostly solved with this digital solution.

But what does E HallPass do exactly? Using this technology lets school staff watch and control the movement of students to make sure they are safe on the school grounds. It helps them check the students’ attendance or find out if they have any behavior problems that need help or support.

What Is The Difference Between E Hall Pass and a Traditional Paper Pass System?​

The main difference is in the way they use to manage the movement of students in both solutions.

In the old system students write their name, time, date. And they are going on a paper pass. They then take it with them and show it to the school staff. They walk around the building. The problem was the paper passes could get lost, moved or even changed. Making it hard for staff to watch and control student movements.

An e-hall pass, on the other hand, is a system that lets students ask to leave the class with a digital pass made on an electronic hall pass system. This technology shows the movements of the students to the teachers in real time. And it tells the staff if any student does not come back to the class by the set time limit so they can do something about it.


What is Ehall Pass Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode is a feature in an e-hall pass that lets school administration set up a system in a school area that is easy to reach, like a hallway or the main office. It makes sure that each student can sign in and out of the class fast and easy.

Schools change the settings of the kiosk to fit their needs. For example, they may not allow access to a certain place.

How Does E-Hall Pass Work?

When students want to leave the class in the system, they have to enter where they are going, like the bathroom or nurse’s office, and when they will come back. The system then sends a message to the teacher so they can say yes or no to it as they want.

If the teacher says yes, the system will change the student’s status right away. Then teachers can watch where the student is and where they are going in real time.


E-HallPass Sign Up​

If you want to register the whole school, you have to contact E-HallPass customer support for this process. But if you are an individual user like a student, teacher, or admin, follow these steps:

  • Go to the portal’s official website and choose the Sign-Up tab. 
  • Enter your name, email, address, and school information in the registration form. In the same step, you have to pick your account type from teacher, student, or admin. 
  • Make a username and password to go on. 
  • Read the terms and conditions and send your sign-up request.

Then you will get confirmation email with more instructions for useing the portal.

E-HallPass Teacher Login

This is how teachers can log in to their E HallPass account:

  • Visit the E-Hall Pass website and press the Login button. 
  • Select Teacher from the menu and type your credentials. 
  • Press Login to see the pass management dashboard.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up EHall Pass For a School?

The time it takes to set up E HallPass depends on how big the school is. How complicated its schedule is and how much customization it needs. It take few days on average. The process is long because it involves setting up the system to fit the school’s needs, making user roles and permissions, and changing the interface as needed.

EHallPass Login Guide


EHallPass is a system that uses digital passes and student tracking to help schools and districts monitor and control their students. Each student registers with their school individually and has their own login ID and password. This creates a digital classroom on the portal. When a student needs a digital pass, they have to follow this process:

  • Go to the E HallPass official website. 
  • Type their login ID and password. 
  • Press login and enter the details for making the pass. Students use this portal with Google, E-HallPass Clever, and E HallPass Office 365. Here are the steps for each.

With Google:

  • Visit the E-HallPass website and choose Login with Google tab.
  • Type Google account credentials, and then students can make their digital passes for leaving the class.

With Ehallpass Clever:

  • Go to the official website and press Connect with Clever.
  • Now students have to enter their school’s name to go on. They log in by scanning their faces with a webcam. If you are a staff member, you can log in with Clever by typing your clever account credentials.

With Office365:

  • Go to the login page on the E-HallPass website and go to Sign in with Office 365. 
  • Type your username and password. 
  • Press Connect to go on.
Official SiteEHallPass
CountryUnited States Of America
Managed ByEduspire Solutions
Portal TypeLogin

Reset your Password for E-HallPass/Login.Com


Sometimes people may not remember their E-HallPass password. Then they can reset it by following these steps: 

  • Go to the login page on the portal’s official website. 
  • Choose I Forgot My Password. 
  • Type the email that the school gave you and press Continue. 
  • You will get an email with a code; type it to change the password. 

Guide to Profile Completion, Pass Creation, and Set-Up Favorites

It is not enough to sign up for their account with your email and password. Students have to do some more important steps to complete their account setup. Here is a short guide to it:

Profile Completion:

  • Go to the E-HallPass website and sign in. 
  • Press the sub-menu and choose My Profile. 
  • Now the students have to fill in the blank fields, of which the PIN code is the most important. This is needed for ID card approval and must have at least 4 to 6 characters. 
  • After the PIN is typed, it’s time to upload a photo. After uploading the student’s picture in uniform, save it by pressing the Save Profile tab. You are ready to go now!

Pass Creation:

  • Go to the official E-Hall website and sign in with any of the methods given. 
  • Choose the menu and press Create a Passport.
  • Type your instructor’s name and where you want to go, for example, the bathroom.
  • Then you have to pick the reason for going and press Create a Pass.

Setting Up Favorites:

  • Press the Favorites tab that shows up on the screen. 
  • Now type your favorite locations and teachers’ names from the menu that drops down. 
  • Press the Add button and then save the changes.

How Do I Approve My E-hall Pass?

When a student makes a pass, the badge monitor gets a message on their dashboard. Only they can say yes to it by typing their pin.

Benefits Of Electronic Hall Pass System

This technology has many benefits: 

  • It helped staff and children to follow the social distancing rules during the pandemic. This lowered the chances of spreading germs. 
  • Staff can limit the number of passes for each student and let only a few go to one place at a time. 
  • With this technology, administrators can make sure the security on the premises is high-quality with real-time and clear data. 
  • There is an incident response feature in E-HallPass login that lets staff act fast to deal with any possible security risks. 
  • The use of this technology shows the decrease of unnecessary pass requests. 
  • It helps to increase class time by reducing distractions from students going in or out of the room.

E-Hall Passes Features

While easy tracking of students’ movement is a big feature of an E-HallPass login system, here are some others:

  • Device Limits: This system lets the school administrators access a limited number of devices with their credentials. For example, one admin can log in on only five different types of devices based on three operating systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • High-Quality Data Privacy: With the digital pass solution, school staff can see how much time a student spends in the washroom or any other place without knowing their location. It may show their previous visits and does not need a cell phone to work.
  • Flexible Accessibility: E-HallPass has a central dashboard where badge monitors can view all pass requests and approvals in real time. They do not have to ask each student one by one, saving a lot.

Customer Service Centre For e-hallpass digital hallpass Products

For easy setup of E-HallPass, Eduspire Solutions have customer support centers to help their users. You can call them at a toll or toll-free, 888-401-2011, or go to the contact us page on their website and send your query. The support agent may call you for more help. You should mail them to Eduspire Solutions. PO Box 2012 Southeastern, PA 19399.

EHallPass App For Mobile

Mobile phones are more used than PCs in this era. That’s why Eduspire Solutions have made a mobile phone app that everyone from admin to teachers and students can use. It came out in 2019 and you can find it on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Here is how the app helps:

  • Makes less interruptions during class as students can make passes on their devices. 
  • Teachers say yes or no to permissions on their smartphones.
  • The app has made it easier to see where students are by not needing a bigger system like a PC to do that.
  • Parents see their kids’ educational activities while at their home.

Why Do Schools Use e-hall Passes?

It is to make sure the students are safe. The passes are watched in real time, so it’s easy for teachers to see who’s missing in the class and where they are, which helps a lot if an emergency happens. It helps make classroom management easier.

E hall Pass Alternatives

There are some other options to E-HallPass in the market, each with their own pros and cons. Some of them are these:

  • ClassLink: A web-based platform that gives single sign-on access to a school’s digital resources, including hall passes. The best part is that it lets teachers change the hall pass policies.
  • SmartPass: It is a complete mobile app that can handle all parts of students’ movement and supervision on school grounds. It has more features like tracking visitors’ check-in, bus transportation, etc.
  • It is a free app that allows single sign-on access to a school’s online resources, including textbooks, apps, web links, hall passes, and related information.

E-hall Pass Reviews

The E-HallPass login system has received different opinions. Some think it is a great technological product that has changed things for students’ safety and made the educational environment better.

But many are still against it. A petition is signed to stop using the digital pass system. The petition says that digital passes make students stressed during restroom trips with a time limit. This may cause anxiety in the young ones.

Many parents think tracking students’ location in the washroom breaks their privacy. The petition says that this system wastes a lot of class time as teachers will have to pause their lessons to say yes or no to the passes of every student.

How Can Schools Ensure That E-hall Pass Pwcs Are used Responsibly And Ethically?

Here are some ways that schools can make sure they use E-HallPass in schools in a responsible and ethical way: 

  • Make clear rules on how to use the system and say what may happen from misusing or abusing the system. 
  • Teachers and students must be well trained on using the portal well. 
  • Admins should always watch that the digital passes are used in a good way. They can do that by looking at the students’ movement records. 
  • Schools should only get the information they need to manage hall passes for students’ privacy, which must be secret. 
  • Schools should check their policies and procedures for using eHall pass login often and change them as needed to make sure they are useful and ethical.

E hall Passes Training

E Hallpass has many materials to help teachers and administrators learn the system and use its features well.

First, eHallpass login has a big online help center with many manuals, videos, and other tools to help users start using the system. The help center has everything from basic system use to advanced features like changing pass types and making reports.

E Hallpass gives personal training and help to schools and districts that use the system and the help center. Users can learn the system and get good tips for using it well with training sessions, webinars, and other help.

Lastly, eHallpass gives continuous technical help to users who have problems or questions. Users can contact eHall pass support by phone, email, or the online support ticket system, and they can expect fast and good service.

Does Login Affect Students’ Privacy?

EHallpass uses a digital hall pass system that lets students ask to leave a classroom and tells teachers and administrators where students are. The system gets basic information about student movements, like when a student left a classroom and why they left. But, it does not follow students’ location outside the school building. 

The eHallpass login system gets data on student movements, but this data is only basic information, like when a student left the classroom and why they left. The system does not get or keep personal information like health or grades. Any data gotten is kept secret and only some people can see it.

EHallpass can track visitors to the school. Administrators can make passes for visitors with information like the visitor’s name, why they are visiting, and how long they will stay.

Can EHall Pass Be Used For Tracking Visitors To The School?

EHallpass uses a digital hall pass system that lets students ask to leave a classroom and tells teachers and administrators where students are. The system gets basic information about student movements, like when a student left a classroom and why they left. But, it does not follow students’ location outside the school building. 

The eHallpass login system gets data on student movements, but this data is only basic information, like when a student left the classroom and why they left. The system does not get or keep personal information like health or grades. Any data gotten is kept secret and only some people can see it.

EHallpass can track visitors to the school. Administrators can make passes for visitors with information like the visitor’s name, why they are visiting, and how long they will stay.

Digital Hall Pass Dashboard


A digital hall pass dashboard is a web-based tool that helps school admins and staff see and control the student’s digital passes as they happen. This is what they can see from this main place of passes: 

  • Passes that are being used 
  • Requests that are waiting 
  • Pass history of all students 
  • Choice to allow or stop pass permissions 
  • This strong tool makes pass management easier to help schools be safer. This is important to make sure students don’t go around the school building for no reason.

About Eduspire e-hall pass Solutions​

Eduspire is a service that provides software and mobile apps for better school management. Schools that use them can improve their efficiency by managing the classrooms better. 

The technology Eduspire provides is important for planning student activities, managing time well, and keeping the premises secure. It has about 1.5 million users around the world, and almost 1,000 of them are schools. 

Eduspire has two main solutions for better academic management, which are E-HallPass and FlexTime Manager.

We have already talked about E-HallPass in detail. FlexManager is a software that helps schools manage peer tutoring and extracurricular activities.

EhallPass FAQ​'s

How Many Schools Use E-hall Passes? 

The official website of E-HallPass says that about 1,000 schools are using it. This number may change.

How Much Does E Hall Pass Cost? 

E-HallPass has a one-time fee of $1,000 to start using it. Then it charges $3 for each student.

Is Ehallpass Compatible With Chrome os?

Yes. It works with Chrome os.

What Does Yellow E hall Pass Mean?

If a student takes too long to come back to the class (usually more than 10 minutes), their pass will turn yellow on the teacher’s screen. This tells the teacher that the student may be wasting time outside the class.

How Do You Stop An E-Hall Pass? 

When students come back to the class, they just need to click the Stop button to end their pass. How can students use eHallpass to ask for permission to leave the class or school? To use eHallpass to ask for permission to leave the class or school, students need to sign in, choose the type of pass and where they are going, enter any details they need to, and send the request.

Can EHallPass Be Changed To Fit The Needs of a school Or District? 

Yes, eHallpass can be changed to fit the needs of a school or district. The software lets the people in charge make their own types of passes, places, and rules to match their school’s needs. EHall pass login has many options. Like changing how the pass looks, setting up automatic messages, and deciding who can do what. These can be changed to fit the school’s or district’s needs. eHallpass has a team that can help with changing or starting to use the software.

How Can EHall Pass Help Schools Make Sure Students Attend Classes and Lower The Number Of Students Who Skip School? 

EHallpass can make automatic reports of attendance. And It let teachers and people in charge see who is missing classes or school often. This information can help them find ways to help those students stay interested in their education.

How Does EHallpass Help Students With Disabilities or Special Needs? 

It has a feature that lets people with some disabilities change how the software looks to suit their needs.

What Happens If a Student Uses EHallpass Wrongly? 

If a student uses eHallpass wrongly, the school may punish them. The punishment may be different depending on how bad the wrong use was. It may be a warning or a talk, a detention or losing some rights, or even being kicked out of school in very bad cases.

Is EHallpass Safe and Follows The Rules Of Privacy like FERPA and COPPA? 

Yes, E-HallPass login follows the rules of privacy like FERPA and COPPA. These are laws that protect the rights and privacy of students and their families.

Does EHall Pass Login Have Any Problems or Things That it Can’t Do?

Yes. There are some problems or things that it can’t do. It may take some time and effort to teach teachers and students how to use it. It may be expensive for some schools. And since it depends on technology. It may stop working if there is a problem with the software or hardware.

How Do I Make a QR Code For Hall Pass? 

To make a QR code for a digital pass, you first need to make a Google form with simple questions like if the student is leaving or coming back and where they are going. Then you just need to copy the link of your form and put it in a free QR code maker website. Press enter and your digital pass QR code is ready.

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